Monday, February 28, 2011

Braking Nuews on the Sony Front

So everyone knows that Sony has gone through a rough patch of sorts with the PS3 recently. Video game piracy has knocked a large dent in potential sales the company could have made. But now a battle between companies could possibly cause Sony to pay royalties on every console and blu-ray player sold since its release.

After an attempt to get LG mobile phones banned in the US, it seems Sony has been subject to a little revenge. LG has taken Sony to court on several accusations of infringement of LG's patents on Blu-Ray playback technology. And apparently, the first case has been lost by Sony, to which LG has used to ban Playstaion 3s in Europe for a short time. Many consoles have been seized at customs, and LG is working to extend the ban.

Many rumors can be interpreted from this piece of news, most of which can already be found in online communities all over. One of the wildest rumors seems to be that Sony is going out of business. You can often hear this from anti-Sony fanboys, who think that the console is Sony's only source of revenue. If the next few  trials don't fall to LG, everyone will forget about this and continue on to the next video game market scandal. Otherwise, we may see a drop in the amount of quality and quantity of Playstation games.

You can probably find some better sources then what I have here, but this is one that I thought captured the argument well:

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P.S. I am in no way an expert and many things with this post may be wrong. Try no to call me out on it too hard.


  1. Thankfully for us, Sony doesn't actually produce the best selling PS3 games so there shouldn't be too much of a decrease in quality form them. Plus they are still desperately trying to make up the money they lost from releasing it a year later then the 360, a mistake which cost them a hell of a lot of money and is the cause of the proposed 10year shelf life of the PS3

  2. However, since PS3s have less security and might now have a potentially smaller market, less and less games will be Playstation exclusive. This year was promising for Sony in the game department, but next year might not be so hot.

  3. That's OK, there is an attempt to use the loss of OtherOS to defend the Homebrew.

    Sony's getting mean with their anti-piracy. Piracy's starting to get equally mean.

    Meanwhile, Nintendo can't even keep their firmware from being cracked for longer than 12 hours.

  4. As long as there's games, they're always be a way to pirate it...

  5. Good, let the big companies like that tear each other apart. Leaves less time for them to keep the common man down.