Friday, March 4, 2011

2011: There Is No "Im" For "Possible."

Well, everyone knows that reality has already been shattered with the announcement of Duke Nukem Forever. Its impending release must have opened the way for other events of the supernatural nature to occur, because George RR Martin has finally released a concrete release date for A Dance With Dragons. After years of general "maybe next year" statements, author of the The Song of Ice and Fire series is boldly announcing that July 12th will be the date his novel can be picked up in stores.

Any one familiar with the Game of Thrones fanbase knows that the past few years have put everyone on edge. They have survived on a slight hope that Martin will finish his series, although many were afraid that Martin, in his older age and heavier lifestyle, would perish before anything happens. There are two more planned books in the series after this fifth one, but many are delighted to finally just get there hands on A Dance With Dragons. For fans that now feel pumped for this epic release, I suggest rereading the series and catching the HBO series A Game of Thrones. These next few months should prove interesting.

I mentioned the release of Duke Nukem Forever earlier, and I thought I should also touch upon that and share my own insight. After all of the years of screenshots and news about a possible sequel for Nukem, it is certainly great to see this announced the way it was. Instead of sending out a trailer or great-looking pictures, the makers brought the game to PAX west and let people play it. I would like to see more people do this with their games. Showing a cool trailer definitely grabs people's attentions and hypes up the game, but announcing it through gameplay? That is the true way to gain support and attention. This way, the fans KNOW it will be fun. They could have just made another standard brown first person shooter with action movie one-liners and it would have sold for Duke, but instead they actually put in the effort to produce a fun game with a legendary figure from gaming history. I eagerly await this game, and hopefully things like pigs flying don't happen just yet.

To anyone who doesn't know about either subject I talked about in this post, do yourself a big favor and read the Song of Ice and Fire series or download Duke Nukem 3D. They're a good time killer, and worth the effort.