Sunday, April 24, 2011

Issue #3 The Continuation of the Startening

So maintaining a blog isn't one of my strong suits. I have infrequent posts and I have trouble knowing what to write about. But I am still here, and I still want to write. Maybe I will just talk about some of the things I have enjoying of late.

The Game of Thrones series is even better than I expected it would be. It stays very true to the books thus far and there is very little that is censored from the original series. I guess that is why HBO took it up. The first episode had four sexual scenes, two of which were incestuous. And, of course, the episode was rife with murder. I can only imagine the reactions to this series were it on a more household channel. But for all of my ranting on the mature content, it is still just a by-product of the realistic fantasy that I know will have some great plot further into this season. Even for someone who hasn't read the books, I strongly recommend this show.

On the video game front, I have little to report of late. I have been indulging myself of my library's older games due to a lack of funds. But that didn't stop me from finding a way to play Portal 2. Not an illegal way, mind you. This title has had a great amount of confidence, from advertisements and promises, to the way the game is built. The first time around, it was a small title that ended up being a giant success. This time around, the development team had money to throw around. This ended allowing them to have a greatly expanded campaign, much more in depth level design, and even a cooperative mode. And while all of this is fine and good, the level of confidence Valve has put into their product let slip one bad touch: The store for aesthetic changes to the cooperative mode models. This isn't just a point buy system that you earn up during level, Valve is accepting payment of actual money for in-game hats and "gestures." Now, I am the kind of guy that thinks that its okay to do this because some people will want to pay for it and the others can just skip it. But another part of me thinks about how this "extra" content was made at the same time as the game and how this is the exact same scheme that has ruined Team Fortress 2. But besides the bad points, the game is still very fun and deserving for whatever praise you hear about in the advertisements.

Now, here at the end of my post, I want to ask the readers some questions if they want to answer:

1. What would you like to see more of in these posts? Is there a certain thing you don't like about them?
2. What Video game releases are you looking forward to?